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Autumn 2019 - Issue 55

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Front Cover: Standing on the footboard on a late summer’s day in 1906, Joseph Phipkin Junior steers his horse-drawn boat Amaranth along the Grand Junction Canal with another load of coal for the paper mills of John Dickinson & Company. He and his family owned and operated Amaranth and Amaryllis on this regular contract for many years. Amaranth was built in the spring of 1894 for Phipkin and he sold it 13 years later, replacing it with another newly built boat, Amaranth.

The Autumn 2019 issue includes the following features.

Working the Waterways

Horse-boating on the Waterways

Chris M. Jones investigates the use of horses, mules, ponies and donkeys on both canals and rivers

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Tracing Family History

Canal Genealogy Sources

Canal families historian Lorna York explains how the study of boat family genealogy has changed over recent years

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Canal Curios

Rose Skinner's Crochet Mat

Sarah Henshaw is enchanted by a 1960s gift of Friendship

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Historical Profiles

John Corbett the Salt Tycoon

Andy Tidy profiles a West Midlands canal-carrier who became one of the most successful industrialists in the land

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Tracing Family History

Nursers of Braunston

Graham Nurser discusses details of his boat-building ancestors who were based at Braunston Wharf

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Historical Profiles

Narrowboats at Lincoln

Chris M. Jones studies three images of Lincoln from the days when commercial narrowboats traded there

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Canals that never were

The Beat Bank Breach

Richard Dean details an unfortunate Ashton Canal project

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Time and Place

Running Light through Stoke Locks

Chris M. Jones studies a canal-carrying scene on the Grand Junction at Stoke Bruerne in the late 1920s/early ‘30s

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From the Archives

Charles Hadfield

Joseph Boughey explores the letters of the late waterways historian, which could inspire a whole new field of research

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Traditional Techniques

Cataloguing Canal Hardware

Chris M. Jones looks at illustrations of boat and canal equipment from manufacturers’ and suppliers’ catalogues and advertisements

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Picturing the Past

Coal to Runcorn Gasworks

A selection of images from the Jack Parkinson Collection provides an insight into the carriage of coal on the Bridgewater Canal in the early 1960s

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