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Spring 2013 - Issue 29

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The Spring 2013 issue includes the following features.

Famous Fleets

Willow Wren Canal Transport Services

Following the Willow Wren article in this issue, Alan Faulkner investigates its successor – Willow Wren Canal Transport Services

You can view an excerpt here.

Historical Profiles

River Nene

David Blagrove looks at a navigation that was nearly lost in the early 20th century

You can view an excerpt here.

Picturing the Past

Stoke Bruerne's 50th

Colour photographs of narrowboat traffic at the time that the Canal Museum was founded in spring 1963

You can view an excerpt here.

Canals that never were

Waterways Around Middlewich

Richard Dean on some proposed canal schemes in and around Middlewich that were never built - including a Foxton-style inclined plane

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Traditional Techniques

Loading at Holly Bank

W.L. Pace recalls how boats were loaded with coal at Holly Bank Basin on the Wyrley & Essington Canal

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Art of the Waterways

Livery Variations on Narrowboats

Christopher R Jones, assisted by Christopher M Jones, looks closely at ‘rose & castle’ painting from the southern Grand Junction Canal

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A Broader Outlook

Barging Around

David Martin’s career took him all around the country in the late 1950s and the 1960s, and he used the opportunity to photograph barges that were still at work on diverse navigations

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