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Winter 2009 - Issue 16

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The Winter 2009 issue includes the following features.

Historical Profiles

River Thames: Part 2, After the 1860s

David Blagrove takes up the story of the 'Royal River' from the 1860s to the present day

You can view an excerpt here.

Famous Fleets

Wide Boats of the Grand Junction Canal

Chris M. Jones and Chris R. Jones investigate the unusual ‘wide-beam narrowboats’ that operated on the southern section of the Grand Union Canal

You can view an excerpt here.

Tracing Family History

Double Tragedy at Marsworth

Richard Booth reveals the curious circumstances behind a double funeral on the Grand Union Canal at Marsworth

You can view an excerpt here.

Canals that never were

Birth of the Basingstoke

Richard Dean traces the early schemes to put Basingstoke on the canal map

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Traditional Techniques

Ice-Breaking on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Mike Clarke looks at how one canal company dealt with a serious hindrance to trade in the bleak Pennine winters

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Picturing the Past

Will King Collection

T.W. King came from a boating family, was a toll clerk on the Birmingham Canal Navigations, and also a keen photographer – a winning combination in the photographic results!

You can view an excerpt here.

Picturing the Past

Seeing Double

A set of stereoscopic photographs shows some interesting canal scenes

You can view an excerpt here.