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Summer 2009 - Issue 14

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The Summer 2009 issue includes the following features.

Historical Profiles

Caldon Canal

Basil Jeuda reveals that the attractive rural canal that we know today was once a hive of industry and activity

You can view an excerpt here.

Famous Fleets

Grand Union Canal Carrying Company

Alan Faulkner looks at the history of one of the best known carrying fleets, many of whose narrowboats survive today, whilst Chris Jones reveals the variation of liveries through 16 specially drawn cabin sides

You can view an excerpt here.

A Broader Outlook

The Father of Britain's Canals?

Mike Clarke questions the importance of the Duke of Bridgewater and Brindley, and nominates earlier engineers for their successful waterways at the very start of the Industrial Revolution

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Canals that never were

Grand Imperial Ship Canal

Richard Dean traces Nicholas Cundy’s ambitious 1827 plan for a London to Portsmouth Ship Canal

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