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Spring 2006 - Issue 1

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The Spring 2006 issue includes the following features.

Art of the Waterways

Roses Revival

Tony Lewry looks back to explore the origins of today’s canal painting

You can view an excerpt here.

Famous Fleets

Thomas Clayton Ltd

Alan Faulkner commemorates exactly 40 years since one of the canal’s best known companies ceased carrying by water

You can view an excerpt here.

Historical Profiles

Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal: James Brindley, Butler, Bratch, Stourport

Ian Langford on the Staffs & Worcs Canal - one of our earliest and most complete original narrow canals

You can view an excerpt here.

Canals That Never Were

Watford & St Albans

Richard Dean looks at waterway projects that were left on the drawing board

You can view an excerpt here.