Summer 2014 - Issue 34

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The Summer 2014 issue includes the following features.

Working the Waterways

Boating Through World War One

A hundred years since the outbreak of the First World War, Christopher M. Jones looks at some of the effects it had on our canals and the people who worked on them

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Working the Waterways

Transport Workers Battalions

Mike Clarke looks at how the military helped out on the canals during World War One

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Picturing the Past

Will King on the GU: Part 2 Marsworth to Birmingham

David Blagrove looks through photographs of narrowboats in the late 1950s between Marsworth to Birmingham

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Famous Fleets


Better known for its chocolate than for it use of narrowboats, Alan Faulkner looks into the fleet of a company that was a great believer in water transport

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Last Traffic

Phosphorus Waste

Hugh Potter sums up recollections of what was probably the most infamous and noxious cargo ever carried by canal

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Historical Canal Maps

Birmingham Canal 1773

Richard Dean gleans information from the earliest map of the completed canal

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Tracing Family History

Knowing Your Onions

Steve Hayes sniffs out his boating ancestors in Lincolnshire

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