Autumn 2012 - Issue 27

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The Autumn 2012 issue includes the following features.

Famous Fleets

British Waterways

Alan Faulkner reviews the narrowboat operations of British Waterways in the North West

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Historical Profiles

The Rochdale Canal

On the 10th anniversary of its reopening, Mike Clarke explores the history of the first of the three trans-Pennine canals to be completed

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One Boat's Story

Heather Bell Post War

Following on from the photographs of Heather Bell at Tipton in Summer NarrowBoat, Jeff Parrott continues the boat’s story after the end of the Second World War

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Famous Fleets

Griffiths Update

A recent Griffiths’ family gathering has caused Chris M. Jones to review some aspects of the John Griffiths’ story

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Canals That Never Were

Bude and Tamar

Richard Dean examines canal schemes on the Cornwall/Devon border

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Art of the Waterways

Wartime Artists: Audrey Harper and Christian Vlasto

Mike Constable discovers more artistic talent amongst the wartime boating trainees

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