Winter 2011 - Issue 24

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The Winter 2011 issue includes the following features.

Famous Fleets

British Waterways

Alan Faulkner looks at the creation of one of the biggest fleets of narrowboats ever, following post-war nationalisation

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Historical Profiles

Manchester Ship Canal

Geoff Wheat traces the story of Britain’s biggest and once busiest waterway

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Working the Waterways

Memories of Ellesmere Yard

Tom Godwin talks to Harry Arnold about working on the Llangollen Canal in the mid-20th century – a by-gone age when he felt part of ‘one big family’

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Historical Canal Maps

Chesterfield Canal

Richard Dean looks at the development of ideas for the Chesterfield Canal through a range of early maps

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Picturing the Past

Suttons Stop

DAVID BLAGROVE looks at some slides taken by SYD MITCHELL, probably all on the same day in early 1962. They depict Hawkesbury Junction, where the Coventry and Oxford canals meet, known to boatmen as ‘Suttons’ after a former toll clerk stationed here

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Art of the Waterways

Mixing Oil & Water

Caroline Jones on how ‘roses and castles’ now appear in the same book as ‘old masters’

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