Summer 2010 - Issue 18

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The Summer 2010 issue includes the following features.

Famous Fleets

Shropshire Union Railways & Canal Co

Alan Faulkner looks at the largest fleet of narrowboats ever seen on the inland waterways

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Canals That Never Were

Haslingden Canal

Richard Dean examines a remarkable Canal Mania scheme in Lancashire

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Historical Profiles

The Leicester Line

Mike Beech looks at the four canals that linked the Trent to the Grand Junction, and eventually became part of the Grand Union Canal system

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Traditional Techniques

Getting the Gauge

Christopher M. Jones reveals how canal companies determined just how much cargo a boat was carrying

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Early Campaigning

Cressy's Tale

In the centenary year of L.T.C. Rolt’s birth, Harry Arnold looks at the story of Cressy before and after Rolt’s involvement with this most famous narrowboat

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Picturing the Past

Willow Wren at Limehouse

David Blagrove looks at photographs of some of the last traffic to Limehouse Dock

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