Winter 2008 - Issue 12

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The Winter 2008 issue includes the following features.

Famous Fleets


Alan Faulkner looks at a small but significant narrowboat fleet based at Aylesbury

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Historical Profiles

River Thames: Part 1 Up to 1860s

David Blagrove investigates the early history of the UK’s best known river – one that has not always been easy to navigate

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Traditional Techniques

Ice-Breaking on the Weaver

Colin Edmondson examines ice breaking on Cheshire’s River Weaver

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Life Afloat

Wood End Hostel: Education of boat children

Hugh Potter looks at Wood End Hall Hostel in Birmingham, specially opened to enable boat children to attend school

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Canals That Never Were

The Peak District

Richard Dean looks at waterway projects that were left on the drawing board

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A Broader Outlook

Sailing on the Trent

Euan Corrie takes a closer look at photographs from the 1920s or early 1930s that are probably the work of Ernest W. Carter, a prolific photographer and postcard publisher based at Gainsborough in Lincolnshire

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