Winter 2007 - Issue 8

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The Winter 2007 issue includes the following features.

Historical Profiles

Trent & Mersey

Harry Arnold looks at one of the earliest, longest and arguably most important canals in England

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Famous Fleets


Alan Faulkner gives a flavour of the history of one of the more colourful canal fleets operated by a company that used their narrowboats as floating advertisements

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Canals That Never Were

Manchester & Birmingham Junction Canal

Richard Dean traces the route of a canal planned to ‘cut off the corner’ between the Bridgewater and Shropshire Union canals

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A Broader Outlook

Lydney Canal

Stanley Holland looks at the short but significant Lydney Canal

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A Place in History


In the first of a new series, Ian L Wright and Hugh Potter guide you round an area famous for its falls, waterwheel, aqueduct and canal junction

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Traditional Techniques

Breaking the Ice

TOM FOXON looks at one aspect of the weather that could seriously hinder boating, and recalls his personal experiences

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