Fleet lists

Mersey Weaver

Most of the company’s boats were recorded on the Stoke-on-Trent canal boat register but this survives only in part, making a full reconstruction virtually impossible. The early fleet was based on boats from the Salt Union Ltd but it would appear these were transferred across gradually and many of the actual dates have not been found.

The company used a fleet numbering system but, as only a few of the numbers have been discovered, they are not included here.

(m) motorboat
*Survivors: Few Mersey Weaver boats have survived. In 2002 the fore end of Avon was on the bank at Puttenham on the Aylesbury branch; Dane has been converted and is a house boat at Cowley; Merak, unconverted is an exhibit at the Boat Museum at Ellesmere Port painted up in Grand Union livery, and Walton unconverted was seen at Stretton under Fosse on the Coventry Canal.