Fleet lists

Fellows Morton & Clayton

The company was incorporated in 1889 and its fleet was based on the boats acquired from Fellows Morton & Company and from William Clayton. In view of the number of craft involved, it has been decided to restrict this list to boats joining from 1900 onwards.



(d) day boat

(g) gas boat  

(m) motorboat  

(o) open boat  

(s) steamer  

(w) wide boat 

SUR&CC – Shropshire Union Railways & Canal Company

*   Boats marked with an asterisk are believed to be extant today. Due to their early disposal and diverse subsequent history some boats have lost their original identity. Several had their cabins removed towards the end of their working lives by carriers such as Ernest Thomas, thus losing traceable details such as gauge plates. More recently several former boats have been re-commissioned and some of these have been identified by hearsay, elimination or guess work. As such the name they currently carry cannot always be guaranteed to be a true identity. This list is based on names currently being displayed on each boat, or where the identity has been established by specific research.

Fleet Numbers: In 1937/8 three fleet numbers were duplicated – Holland 339, Arabia 340 and Gailey 341. Subsequently these boats reverted to the numbers they had held before being converted to motorboats.