Fleet lists

Samuel Barlow Coal Co Ltd

The company was incorporated on 14th August 1916 as Samuel Barlow (Tamworth) Ltd, but it has not proved possible to reconstruct the fleet at the time of incorporation with a sufficient degree of accuracy, so this list begins from that date onwards.  The company’s name was changed to the Samuel Barlow Coal Co Ltd on 19th June 1931.

(d): day boat.
(m): motor boat.
Registration numbers dated prior to entry into the fleet relate to the previous owner. Only parts of the Banbury, Stoke-on-Trent and Towcester registers survive.
As boats left the fleet, their numbers were usually re-issued to incoming craft. In about 1957 a new numbering system was introduced, with the day boats being between 1 and 30, motorboats between 31 and 60 and butty boats from 61 onwards. On many boats, the fleet number was already within these parameters and these kept their old number.  The one exception to this new rule was the butty Raymond, the last to enter the fleet, which was numbered 42.