Fleet lists

British Waterways South Eastern Division


(m) motor boat    
Grand Union Canal Carrying Company
GA Ex Associated Canal Carriers 
GB Royalty Class 
GC Star Class, Harland & Wolff, North Woolwich
GD Star Class, W.H. Walker & Brothers, Rickmansworth
GE Star Class, W.J. Yarwood & Sons, Northwich
GF Star Class, Edward G. Woods, Brentford
GH Town Class, Harland & Wolff 
GI Town Class, W.H. Walker & Brothers
GJ Town Class, W.J. Yarwood & Sons
Fellows, Morton & Clayton 
FA Initial batch of motors, Saltley Yard
FB Town Class, Saltley Yard
FC Overseas Class, Saltley Yard
FD Birds, Saltley Yard (2nd batch of motors)
FE Ex steamer, Saltley Yard
FF Built by Braithwaite & Kirk
FG Town Class, Uxbridge Yard
FH Girl Class, Uxbridge Yard
FI River Class, Uxbridge Yard
FJ Flowers, trees, animals etc, Uxbridge Yard
FK Hulls by W.J. Yarwood & Sons
FL Delivered after D&IWE takeover  
EC Ex Erewash Canal Carrying Co
RJ River Class, E.C. Jones & Son (Brentford) 
RT River Class, Thames Launch Works, Teddington 
XF Returned by the Flixborough Shipping Co, Horninglow 
XG Returned by George Garside, Leighton Buzzard 
The fate of many boats is not known for certain but most of those that went to other carriers are noted. Private disposals have generally been omitted. 
$ Boat hired for some time from 1963 to Willow Wren Canal Transport Services
C Converted to trip or pleasure boat 
M Transferred to the maintenance fleet