Unloading at Alexandra Docks

Picturing the Past: NarrowBoat, Winter 2017

We study a busy boat scene at Hull from around 60 years ago.

This mid-1950s image of Hull’s Alexandra Docks is full of detail and interest. On the left a freighter is discharging its cargo down two chutes fixed onto the side of its weather deck, with the dockers tipping out the the bulk material so that it falls directly into the dumb lighter Madge 54 below. Six dumb craft, of a mixture of iron and wooden construction, fill the foreground space and are either waiting to be loaded or tugged to their destination, with three tugs visible in the shot. The dumb craft pictured lower right is wooden, with some very interesting and wellcrafted carving on its bow suggesting it is probably of some age. Jupiter and Sirius Two identifiable craft in the foreground form the main interest in this photo. On the left is Leeds Jupiter alongside Selby Sirius. Originally just named Jupiter and Sirius, they were both built of iron for owners Selby Warehousing & Transport Company Ltd – the former at Beverley in 1910, the latter by Richard Dunston o…

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Unloading at Alexandra Docks featured image