Ulverston Canal Postscript

From the Archives: NarrowBoat, Spring 2023

Joseph Boughey

Joseph Boughey clarifies details on the 20th-century history of this Cumbrian waterway

In 2020 I wrote a piece about the Ulverston Canal and the historical insights provided by British Newspapers Archive sources, adding details to four existing published accounts. A further file, from the collection of (fellow NB contributor) Richard Dean, provides yet further insights, albeit largely about the final, residual boating use of the canal for pleasure-boat storage and its closure. I should stress that I have (voluntarily) prepared the listing of this and other of Richard Dean’s files, but, as they will not be catalogued for some time yet, they are not generally available. A contemporary view of the Ulverston Canal. The top gates were decrepit in 1940. Our impressions of waterways traffic, for commerce or pleasure, may tend to be that a canal is used from point to point. However, there have been cases in which waterways were used only for mooring or loading/unloading immediately above sea or river locks. Examples of the latter would be the use of the sea lock po…

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