Oxfordshire Ironstone

Historical Profiles: NarrowBoat, Winter 2022

Christopher M Jones

Chris M. Jones uncovers a little-known traffic on the Oxford Canal

The final attempt to enlist independent boatmen contractors for this traffic was in 1920, when the Oxford Canal was asked to supply 40 boats per week to haul ironstone from Hardwick, Neithrop, just north of Banbury, to Baldwin’s Ltd of Netherton Furnaces on the Dudley No 2 Canal shown here. This originally started in May 1920 when Baldwin’s Ltd took over Netherton Furnaces from the Pearson family, and investigated the transport of ironstone from mines at Hook Norton to Netherton by canal. Initially it contacted general carriers FMC, but it was not a traffic that the company wanted as a 100-yard tramway would need constructing. Besides, FMC did not regularly trade up the Oxford Canal to Banbury. On top of this, some 50 to 60 boats per week were required and this would pull them away from their regular traffic. FMC passed this enquiry to the Oxford Canal which also made enquiries for a trial load. Despite various problems, this was arranged and ironstone was carried during J…

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