Rank’s Mill of Hull

Historical Profiles: NarrowBoat, Winter 2021

Christopher M Jones

Chris M. Jones studies a 1900s panoramic image of Clarence Mills on the River Hull

Clarence Mills in Clarence Street, Hull, was owned by Joseph Rank Ltd. The name Rank is synonymous with the flourmilling industry and, right from the start, Joseph was an enterprising businessman. He was born into a milling family and his father had a windmill. Joseph started his working life in 1875, also running a windmill, but was fascinated by the new process of roller milling and saw its great potential over the traditional millstone method. In 1885 he built his first small roller mill in Williamson Street, Hull, called Alexandra Mill. It was near the docks but with no direct access to the waterside. He ran his mill for four years, then decided to build another larger steampowered flour mill against the River Hull’s Old Harbour in Clarence Street; in earlier times the site was a timber yard. Clarence Street crossed the river at this point over a large iron swingbridge named Drypool Bridge, visible on the left. The mill structure was initially simple in design, then over t…

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Rank’s Mill of Hull featured image