John Griffiths on the Grand Junction

Historical Profiles: NarrowBoat, Summer 2021

Christopher M Jones

Chris M. Jones looks at a series of images that illustrate the activities of Bedworth canal-carrier John Griffiths

Above: At Brent Meadow Wharf, Brentford, Rival lies alongside Enterprise fully loaded. Rival was built for John Griffiths in the spring of 1913, as was Enterprise in the summer of 1910. The latter was originally a steamer but it was converted to motor power in early 1914. When this image was taken in about 1925, Enterprise was paired with Rival and steered by Wilfred Taylor and his family. One of their typical runs was from Brentford to Coventry Canal Basin on the Coventry Canal, carrying grain and groceries. Both boats were transferred into the Warwickshire Canal Carrying Co carrying fleet after Griffiths went bankrupt on 1st January 1936. Although narrowboats formed the majority of Griffiths' fleet, he was also an owner of wide-beam craft that were used for carrying from London docks to Brentford for transhipment into narrowboats, or sometimes to deliver their cargoes directly to canalside customers on the lower Grand Junction. …

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John Griffiths on the Grand Junction featured image